Quality and service since 1986

Quality and service since 1986

Quality and service since 1986

Lake Balance & Calibration Services

Lake Balance & Calibration Services is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited provider of calibration services, repair and preventive maintenance performed conveniently at your site or at our state-of-the-art accredited laboratory.

We offer a high quality, fast turn-around, cost effective solution for a wide range of general purpose Electrical/Electronic equipment as well as precision electronic calibrator equipment. Analytic instrumentation services offer our Life Science customers a full range of laboratory equipment calibration/qualification, preventative maintenance, and repair services.

Maintaining our commitment to detail and customer service, our highly trained Technicians will ensure you are ready to move forward smoothly. When using a measuring instrument in any process, you must be confident that your results are accurate and within specification. Calibration verifies and documents measurement equipment performance so you can be certain your processes meet requirements. Calibration can also lead to increased production yields, reduced product give-away and over-charges, more consistent product quality, and reduced product liability.